Pippa’s Casino Nights

Although it might be Kate Middleton who is married to Prince William and carrying his child at the moment, it is her younger sister Pippa who has a penchant for stealing headlines – just think of the royal wedding, when the papers focused on Pippa’s derriere instead of her sister’s dress. Now there is another reason to talk about her, as Pippa’s casino nights might just turn out to be the next big thing with that kind of seal of approval on them!
Let us explain everything from the start: the Middletons, that is Pippa and Kate’s parents, own a firm named Party Pieces, which supplies upscale party elements and events for those who have something to celebrate. Part of this business is their website, Party Times, on which Pippa herself recently wrote a piece which has been raising a few eyebrows – as she encouraged parents to hold ‘Casino Night Parties’ for their teenage children, who would not be allowed to go into actual casinos or take part in real money gambling.
There are sure to be plenty of casino online reviews popping up for this kind of service in the wake of her suggestion – after all, anything that the younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge says is going to set tongues wagging, and with a subject like this which can be quite controversial it attracted attention very quickly. Writing on the Party Times website, she said, “(Casino Nights) are a great choice for teenagers. Dress the table in baize green, dust off your packs of cards and mix up the cocktails – then all you have to worry about is whether Lady Luck is on your side.” One certainly hopes that when she refers to teenagers she means those who are in the very small group of being either eighteen or nineteen years of age – or they should not be drinking the cocktails, either!
Whether or not you agree with Pippa on the subject of age, it is certain that there is something in what she is suggesting – as we all know, a trip to the casino can be very fun, and even more so if you are able to achieve it from your own home.…

Paris Hilton is a gambler

Paris Hilton has been featured in more news stories that I could really care to mention, for many reasons which again we could all really care less about. Drunk driving, sex tapes, and a whole host of other prime examples of human stupidity. This time, however, the golden-haired heiress seems to have somehow in fact paid the online gambling industry a favour.
Paris launched herself onto the Las Vegas blackjack tables in celebration of her 31st birthday early in the week (since when is a 31st birthday worthy of a Vegas trip, by the way?) before tweeting “#BirthdayGirlsLuck! I love gambling!” to her six million followers. How she has that number of fans is beyond me, but getting a positive message about the wonderful pursuit of online casino blackjack to 6,264,935 people is never a bad thing. It turns out that Hilton picked up a very tasty $30,000 whilst playing blackjack at the Wynn casino. Winning this amount of cash at such a skilful game is hard enough for most people, so we can only assume Paris was experiencing a seriously impressive lucky streak that day. Hey, birthday luck is never a bad thing!
Another boastful message was squawked later on that day, which according to our professional translators read “Last night was the very best birthday celebration one has ever experienced! Truly the most exhilarating and beautifully extravagant coming of age social gathering ever. #indeed”…

Online UK Casinos

Online UK Casinos are commonly known for their special and profitable sports betting systems that you can find in an online casino in UK. They have very good reputations in other countries. Once a casino has earned a good reputation, they try to stick to their principles and qualities and make sure that their online units are satisfactory.
Generally, online casinos continue to grow worldwide. Actually, one could say that it is one of the fastest growing industries all over the world. Especially European online casinos have to face critique lately. Some countries oppose to these gambling facilities because they do not want competition for their own online casinos. But the European Union made it pretty clear that according to the treaty of the Union, the countries are not allowed to keep competition out. To prevent monopolies the European Union will charge them with protectionism.
Everybody should be allowed to play in whichever casino they want. No one should be hindered only because they do not have a particular citizenship. Recently players from the United States have discovered some trouble finding casinos which allow them to play. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act makes it more than difficult for banks and other credit institutions to accept money from online casinos. Actually, they should be aware that gambling on the internet has become a steadily flourishing activity. People enjoy the entertainment. The European countries chose regulation over prohibition therefore Euro casinos are favored by lots of players nowadays.
Maybe Malta could be the new supremacy for online casinos. In 2007 many online casinos shifted their base to Malta because it is one of the “white listed” online gambling countries. The British government issued this list which specifies what nations would be allowed to advertise their gambling services. Advertisement for online casinos is only acceptable for online casinos that are based in a “white listed” country. But that also includes that gambling got safer because these countries have usually more stringent regulation and monitor the casino providers’ activities.…

Monte Carlo Changing

It looks like the advent of the ever popular Euro Casino Online may be causing many changes when it comes to the casino resorts and hotels that can be found throughout Monte Carlo. Though you may discover rapid differences appearing on the surface, some things will never change – providing that the online casinos do not leech away too many customers and cause the demise of the land based casino altogether, that is.
Last month, at the Monte Carlo Casino (which is banned for all Monaco residents, but open to travellers), a high roller took the house for €3 million. Perhaps they worried for a while; but then two weeks later, another high roller managed to lose €2 million, redressing the balance a little and taking away any concerns that they might have had. While the casino still sees success, the problem is that revenue has steadily been dropping over recent years, especially since smoking was banned in public buildings back in 2008. The casino then reported a twenty per cent fall in revenue overnight, a startling figure which once more reinforces the many considerable benefits that playing online can have for most players, particularly those who like to gamble on a regular basis.
There are still visitors to the casinos in Monaco, of course. Somewhere between fifty and one hundred high rollers are present every month, along with droves of more normal players who wander the once elegant public rooms in slogan-splattered t shirts and flip flops. They do not, of course, mingle: high rollers hide away in other rooms, where those who cannot afford the stakes are not allowed to enter. Though the entry fee of €10 that was once required for entry to the main area has been dropped, those who would balk at such a charge will certainly not be stepping foot any further into the casino’s well decorated interior.
Of course, most people these days will have triedonline casino games, even if they still spend some time at the land based casinos – and indeed, for the high rollers this may be more a case of asserting status rather than really enjoying themselves. After all, someone who can drop €2 million at the casino tables without breaking a sweat is really someone with a lot of money behind them, and they will be keen to make sure that their business rivals and society acquaintances know …

Grosvenor Design Partnership

An interior specialist has just announced a Grosvenor design partnership which is sure to mean great things for the casino brand, in both the thirty five UK casino premises that they run and the online casino sites which they are known for. The company, 20.20, have said that they are going to be creating a concept that will help the brand deliver a destination ‘that is adapted to their needs on both a social and gaming level’, based on what customers really want.
The design specialists have been working with the Rank Group since 2005, so their partnership is a strong one and they are sure to be able to create a site for their online casino games which will really tie in with the luxury experience that most players expect to get when they visit a Grosvenor Casino. The consultants have stated that they will be ‘getting under the skin of customer behaviour and motivations for playing both in-club and online,’ which means a great step forward that will allow customers to enjoy the site ever more and get more out of it according to what they really want and enjoy.
The project will be undertaken with help from analysts MC&C, who are currently undertaking a data study in order to provide the information that is needed to find out just what customers really want. Michael Artis is the head of sports and entertainment at 20.20, who will be leading this project, and he had this to say: ‘We can make casinos a lot more relevant to a wider audience. It all starts with the customer, and that’s who our strategy team are with right now.’ If they manage to pull this off and do it right, then the new customer experience at any Grosvenor Casino venue or site is sure to be a much better one as soon as the changes go ahead – though time will tell whether they do manage to do something revolutionary, or if it is all just more PR talk and the redesign will be the kinds of changes that you see happening regularly.…

Madrid Tourism Boost

In terms of the latest Euro casino online news outlets have been totally abuzz, with reports flying thick and fast of the latest developments in the story. Madrid beat Barcelona out to be the lucky city receiving the new “EuroVegas” development by casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, but then it was announced that Barcelona will be building their own casino resort anyway. Now the latest twist in the case comes as the estimate has been given of how much of a tourism boost this development could give to Madrid… and it is set at $19 billion.
Promomadrid, the agency that has been doing all the work to secure the deal, has been investigating the results that such a massive casino resort could give, and chairman Jesus Sainz presented the results in a press conference a few days ago. “It will change the dimension of our economy,” he said, before delivering the astronomical figure that will no doubt sound like music to the ears of the struggling Spaniards. The second recession in three years hit their economy recently, pushing the unemployment rate in the country up to a staggering twenty five per cent – though in young people this figure was even poorer, at more than fifty per cent.
It will not come quickly, though when it does it will be more than welcome. Construction is estimated to begin in between twelve to fifteen months, and this will bring many much needed temporary jobs to the area. Plans will see development of the project continuing over a ten year period, making Madrid a haven for construction workers of all kinds, and of course permanent workers will be needed to staff the casinos, hotels, and other attractions in the area. It is estimated by Promomadrid that this will result directly in 164,000 jobs, and indirectly in a further 97,000, a much welcome boost to the capital.
This is the latest step in Spain’s attempts to use gambling taxes to push the flagging economy, after the government granted licenses for online casino games earlier in the year and opened up the market to companies from abroad to gain more revenue. Whether or not this is a strategy that will work is something that only time can tell, and it may well be at the expense of many Spaniards who will struggle under gambling debts in order to bring more money to the rest of …