Paris Hilton is a gambler

Paris Hilton has been featured in more news stories that I could really care to mention, for many reasons which again we could all really care less about. Drunk driving, sex tapes, and a whole host of other prime examples of human stupidity. This time, however, the golden-haired heiress seems to have somehow in fact paid the online gambling industry a favour.
Paris launched herself onto the Las Vegas blackjack tables in celebration of her 31st birthday early in the week (since when is a 31st birthday worthy of a Vegas trip, by the way?) before tweeting “#BirthdayGirlsLuck! I love gambling!” to her six million followers. How she has that number of fans is beyond me, but getting a positive message about the wonderful pursuit of online casino blackjack to 6,264,935 people is never a bad thing. It turns out that Hilton picked up a very tasty $30,000 whilst playing blackjack at the Wynn casino. Winning this amount of cash at such a skilful game is hard enough for most people, so we can only assume Paris was experiencing a seriously impressive lucky streak that day. Hey, birthday luck is never a bad thing!
Another boastful message was squawked later on that day, which according to our professional translators read “Last night was the very best birthday celebration one has ever experienced! Truly the most exhilarating and beautifully extravagant coming of age social gathering ever. #indeed”…