Monte Carlo Changing

It looks like the advent of the ever popular Euro Casino Online may be causing many changes when it comes to the casino resorts and hotels that can be found throughout Monte Carlo. Though you may discover rapid differences appearing on the surface, some things will never change – providing that the online casinos do not leech away too many customers and cause the demise of the land based casino altogether, that is.
Last month, at the Monte Carlo Casino (which is banned for all Monaco residents, but open to travellers), a high roller took the house for €3 million. Perhaps they worried for a while; but then two weeks later, another high roller managed to lose €2 million, redressing the balance a little and taking away any concerns that they might have had. While the casino still sees success, the problem is that revenue has steadily been dropping over recent years, especially since smoking was banned in public buildings back in 2008. The casino then reported a twenty per cent fall in revenue overnight, a startling figure which once more reinforces the many considerable benefits that playing online can have for most players, particularly those who like to gamble on a regular basis.
There are still visitors to the casinos in Monaco, of course. Somewhere between fifty and one hundred high rollers are present every month, along with droves of more normal players who wander the once elegant public rooms in slogan-splattered t shirts and flip flops. They do not, of course, mingle: high rollers hide away in other rooms, where those who cannot afford the stakes are not allowed to enter. Though the entry fee of €10 that was once required for entry to the main area has been dropped, those who would balk at such a charge will certainly not be stepping foot any further into the casino’s well decorated interior.
Of course, most people these days will have triedonline casino games, even if they still spend some time at the land based casinos – and indeed, for the high rollers this may be more a case of asserting status rather than really enjoying themselves. After all, someone who can drop €2 million at the casino tables without breaking a sweat is really someone with a lot of money behind them, and they will be keen to make sure that their business rivals and society acquaintances know …